Water spray (fire protection by water or deluge)

Fire protection by water spray

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AAI offers a water spray fire protection solution. This process is especially effective in the following fields:

  • Machine rooms, power generator, turbine, etc.
  • Cable galleries,
  • Computer rooms,
  • Archive rooms,
  • Hotel rooms,
  • etc.

Due to its chemical properties that are especially well adapted to fire protection, water in spray form can act through 3 mechanisms:

  • Cooling flames and fuel for the fire
  • Reduction in the global concentration of oxygen
  • Attenuation of thermal radiation


As the water spray requires a limited volume of water to be used as compared with the sprinkler, water consumption and the risk of water damage are much reduced. Furthermore, unlike with gas, the extinguishing agent used, water, is not a health hazard and protected rooms do not require a sealed partition.

AAI proposes high and low pressure solutions that comply with APSAD installation guides D2 and NFPA 750 operating within a range of pressures going from 80 to 120 bars.

According to the field for application and the performance objective, a number of operating methods can be considered:
  • Operation under water with ampoules.
  • Pre-action operation, with water provided to networks slaved to fire detection.
  • Deluge type operation, with nozzles open.