Sprinklers (fire protection by water, low expansion foam and/or deluge)

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Sprinkler type automatic fire extinguishing systems are recognised as being a reliable and efficient fire-fighting solution and are currently installed in industry, logistics and the tertiary sector. They are also compulsory under safety regulations for public assembly buildings of type M covering surface areas of more than 3,000 m².

The advantage of a sprinkler system is that it automatically discharges a certain quantity ofwater at all points of a building.
Sprinklers are generally installed under the roof with one sprinkler every 9m². These sprinklers are supplied by a network of pipes permanently supplied with water at a pressure of about 10 bars. When fire breaks out, hot gases will rise up and trigger the sprinklers located above the source of heat. Opening of one or more sprinklers will lead to the fire being sprayed and cause a drop in pressure in the network of pipes. This pressure drop automatically triggers start-up of the pump. These will then draw from the water reserve to feed the open sprinklers. As soon as the installation starts up, a warning is automatically sent to the watchman service.
AAI ensures for you the installation of a sprinkler type automatic fire extinguishing system that is autonomous, reliable and effective in dealing with fires. AAI  is capable of offering you the design and development of your installation in accordance with several sets of rules : APSAD, NFPA, NF EN 12845, FM.
Within the scope of its APSAD (insurance company) certification (sprinkler type automatic water extinguishing system installation service certification N° 032/01), AAI is in a position to deliver to you a N1 certificate guaranteeing conformance of your installation with the rule R1.

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