Fire hose cabinet (fire protection by water or foam)

Fire hose cabinet

The fire hose cabinet is a first intervention system used to fight the outbreak of fire.

Fire hose cabinets equip all types of buildings (public assembly, industrial and logistics buildings). A fire hose cabinet is fire-fighting equipment including :

  • a hose reel with axial supply
  • a water supply stop tap adjacent to the hose reel
  • a basic length of semi-rigid hose 30m maximum in length
  • a spreader tip
  • a rating plate and operating instructions.

The installation design must answer to precise criteria as defined in the various rules and standards, as with the location, accessibility, number, coverage, flow and pressure on the fire hose reels, and water sources.

AAI makes installations in accordance with two sets of rules, standard NFS 62-201 and rule APSAD R5. Within the scope of its APSAD certification (certification from the fire hose cabinets installation validation service n° 034/02/J5.F5), AAI may also issue declarations of conformance with rule R5 and installation declarations.