Sprinkler Maintenance


Weekly tests

Sprinkler systems are designed to function at any moment.
Weekly tests are essential to detect mechanical malfunction and to ensure that alarms work properly.  

AAI conducts tests which consist of :
  • Checking tank levels
  • Startup of pumps and motors
  • Checking alarms
  • Replacement of strips in pressure-recording gauge
  • Fill in S1A source, control valve and S1 B documents

Biannual Inspections

A sprinkler system can fail to fulfil its duties if it is not correctly sized in relation to the establishment’s operations or storage.  

A site can evolve very quickly depending on stored products, installed machines and implemented processes.   

Biannual inspections are essential to anticipate potential shortcomings of the system and  to ensure that it is still adequate to the site environment

AAI conducts these tests which consist of :
  • Checking adequacy of risk/protection
  • Checking that the system works properly
  • Inspecting the characteristics of water sources  
  • Recording of all comments on the regulatory report Q1 

Annual maintenance of  control valves and diesel engines


Certain equipment contains components which can deteriorate with time and therefore require annual maintenance in order to maintain their original level of performance. 

Control valve gaskets,   glycol (water additive to avoid freezing), oil and filters are included in this category. 

The annual inspection is therefore essential to preserve the equipment in good working condition. 


  • Stir and inspection of gylcol systems
  • Oil change and inspection of air compressors
  • Replace control valve gaskets
  • Empty and replace motor oil
  • Change filtering catridges
  • Check motor pre-heating
  • Recording of all comments on an AAI inspection report.


Despite its sturdiness and simplicity, a sprinkler system requires an excellent working condition in order to fulfill its purpose the day a fire occurs. 

A sprinkler system requires more involved maintenance in order to inspect the internal condition of certain equipment, to perform concentration tests  of the foam-water sprinkler fire protection systems and power transfer from normal to backup source of power for electric motors. 

AAI can conduct this maintenance which consists of
  • Cleaning interior of water tanks
  • Dismantling and cleaning the system’s valves and fittings
  • Inspection of gears in motor
  • Inspection of time taken by water to reach sprinklers
  • Checking to see how entire foam-water sprinkler fire protection systems runs
  • Carrying out tests for generator set takeover.