Fire Hose Cabinet and sprinkler service

During opening hours

AAI has a department that guarantees service of your systems within 24 hours’ time  from 8am to 12pm and from 1 :30pm to 5 :00pm Monday through Friday.  

Within the framework of our partnership with our customers, we encourage service by telephone.  To facilitate the identification of the installed equipment we have developed an application to manage the sites by computer.  

The nearby teams  in our sales shops guarantee our contract customers an optimal quality  of service.      

Outside opening hours

AAI makes a permanent standby  number available to its contract customers allowing us to handle all requests for intervention.   

Service is scheduled  with the customer’s agreement

Initial  Training Course

AAI creates personalized technical materials  so that our customers can be acquainted with the steps to follow in the case of a fire or untimely alarms.  

This training takes place at our customers’ companies in  meeting rooms or on site with  transmission of personalized documents.