Other Work

In occupied sites


Our customer service department has a design office in each sales office  allowing us to assess, create the working plan and carry out the follow-up of the work. 

This proximity makes it possible to establish the security risks with the customer in order to develop the prevention plan by going to the site. 

This visit optimizes the intervention time on site so as to avoid disturbing our customer’s regular operations. 

Building expansion

The experience of our worksite and office personnel allow us to carry out building expansions  in accordance with all rules or reference standards whatsoever.  

Our daily dealings with our technical department aid requests to the CNPP about takeovers of other sites, dispensations or all other possible inquiries.

Our computer system allows us to develop our installations using  plans drawn with Autocad.  

Our great number of intervention teams limit the need for subcontractors. 

Le nombre important de nos équipes d’intervention limite l’appel à la sous-traitance.
remplacement armoire

Identical Replacement of Equipment

Our qualified personnel and our mechanical department allow us to intervene on any type of equipment of any brand.  

Replacement of piping, electrical cabinets, diesel, and even of certain elements which are components of these  units,  is everyday work for us.