• Sprinkler An automatic sprinkler extinguishing system functions to : Detect a fire, sound the alarm, contain or extinguish the fire Sprinklers
  • The function of a Fire Hose Cabinet installation is to allow for a first emergency firefighting response while waiting for more powerful means to be put in place. Fire Hose Cabinets
  • Installation mousse Installation of fire control that functions with foam as an extinguishing agent. The foam is obtained mechanically by mixing water, a faoming liquid and air. This solution is generally used to control inflammable liquid fires which are uncontrollable with water only. Foam Installation
  • buse brouillard eau The water spray system is a process that diffuses water in the form of high pressure (about 120 bars) microdroplets, enabling fire control or extinction by combining two phenomena : cooling and decrease of oxygen level. Water spray

Somes Figures about AAI

192,000 sprinklers delivered in 2012 by the CNPP

1st independent installer

250,000 sprinklers a year

10 sites in France

492 employees

Current Events at AAI

Our agencies of Aix en Provence, Lyon, Vielle, Lille and Paris rencently obtained MASE certification.